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The creation of this video was the inspiration of Dominic Maguire (Dom), a Glasgow funeral director who wanted to provide some form of aftercare to the grieving families he served.

Dom, who has been involved in helping countless thousands of distressed families felt that very little support or assistance was available to grieving families after a funeral. The fact that the bereaved were often left to cope in emotional circumstances with which they were totally unfamiliar was something he felt needed to be addressed. “I realised that it was important that people should get identification from others who had been in similar situations and had managed to come out the other side.”

The very powerful message which is carried when one human being shares with another their real life experience, their strength and their hope for the future, cannot be emphasised enough and, by combining this concept with the modern medium of video, Dom created something which many families have found invaluable.

Although initially this video was made for the clients of his company, organisations and professionals involved in bereavement support prevailed upon Dom to make the video more widely available to the general public.

“I will be extremely happy if those who purchase this video are brought comfort, support and guidance and the fact that some organisations involved in caring for others will benefit financially will make this all worth while.”

Dom, who has been a funeral director since 1970, is a past-president of the National Association of Funeral Directors, and is the managing director of Anderson Maguire, one of the largest family owned funeral companies in Scotland.

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