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Photo: Bereavement and lossBereavement and grief bring unusual and strange feelings and emotions.(sample clip : 56K; broadband) There is no timetable for recovery from the loss of a loved one. Irregular sleeping patterns and loss of appetite are not uncommon as is the belief that the whole syndrome is a nightmare which will end as suddenly as it began. Many in deep grief experience the sensation of hearing the voice of the deceased or believe that they will walk in the door any day and all will be well again. (sample clip : 56K; broadband)

Some deeply grieved people seem to lose all interest in the important things in life, family or social relationships; they find great difficulty visiting places which can be associated with the deceased and, in extreme cases, the bereaved see no future without the one who has been taken. (sample clip : 56K; broadband)

Different people mourn differently and everyone takes a different route to recovery with no fixed timetable. Although many have time to prepare for the parting of ways, the end when it comes can often cause great upset. Other deaths, particularly if the deceased dies young or tragically, can seem so unfair and often bring a different dimension to the grieving process. (sample clip: 56K; broadband) Feelings of great guilt can further deepen the intensity of mourning in cases where the relationship between the deceased and the mourning survivor was estranged, and the opportunity for reconciliation was not available.

Nevertheless life, as it must, will continue. The healing process will begin and, although the bereaved think that life can never be the same again, - and often it is not, - time will allow the natural resources within each of us to develop and help us to cope and move forward with hope for the future and respect for the memories for the past.

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