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Price (GBP):

Price includes:
all applicable postage & packaging costs,
video format conversion costs
& taxes.

On-line purchase of the video is governed by the following conditions:

1 We accept credit card payments only.
2 Both the Video Format and the address to which we ship are governed by your credit card billing address, as follows:
  - We ship only to the address on your credit card.
  - We ship the Video Format appropriate to the country to which your credit card bill is sent. If you wish to verify that we are sending you the correct format, please see our Video Format page.
3 For non-credit card, trade or bulk orders, etc, or any arrangements other than as stated above in 1& 2, please Contact Us Direct

Terms & Conditions

  1 The purchase and supply of these goods is governed by European and UK distance selling regulations.
  2 The Video Tape is the bereavement counseling type of approximately 40 minutes duration.
  3 The goods are the Video Tape in the above quantity and the price is the aggregate sum quoted above in the total box. All prices are in pounds sterling.
  4 Anderson Maguire Ltd of 15 -17 Hamilton Street, Glasgow G42,0PL. Scotland agrees to supply the goods as specified and you agree to purchase the same for the stated price.
  5 Payment is only accepted by recognised credit or switch card and no order will be processed without receipt of payment.
  6 You have the right to cancel within 7 days on receipt of delivery providing you DO NOT BREAK the SEAL and return the goods to the supplier without penalty other than the payment of return carriage.
  7 Delivery is deemed to have occurred once the goods are delivered to the specified address. Normal delivery is 21 days from receipt of order.
  8 Should delivery not occur within 30 days of your order you have the right to cancel. Simply notify the supplier and return any goods subsequently received.
  9 Any repayment shall be made by credit refund within 30 days of receipt of order cancellation.
10 Once you have broken the SEAL you are only entitled to a refund if the goods should prove defective.
11 Items 6 to 10 inclusive apply to the goods in whole or in part.
12 No warranty can be extended to any failure or malfunction of your viewing Equipment.
13 Liability for any damage or distress caused by the product to any person shall not exceed the price paid.
14 Copyright and performing rights belong, in entirety, to Anderson Maguire Ltd.
15 In the event of any dispute arising out of this contract you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.
16 The Video tape and its contents are used entirely at your own risk.
17 Public performance is not permitted except by prior written consent of Anderson Maguire.
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