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Photo: Bereavement and Beyond video - front and back of sleeve

The Video

This video gives an excellent insight into the process of bereavement. It is recognised by leading organisations such as Mind and the Samaritans as being one of the best resources available to help professional people and those involved in the care, counseling and support of the bereaved understand the various stages of grieving.

The video is constructed in four stages with real people who have been bereaved sharing openly and honestly their experiences. At the end of each section a professional Cruse counselor sums up the various facets of grieving and, in the later stages, how the contributors are finding a new way of living after their loss.
(sample clip : 56K; broadband)

For Bereavement Specialists, Counselors,
and other professionals:
The simple format of the video allows you to select and edit sections of the tape for training purposes, including group discussion and dialogue, so that those involved professionally can have a much deeper and better understanding of the complexities involved in dealing with those living in the shadow of grief.
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