How it Works

Product Placement means a having your product placed in media programmes such as:

Image - Men in Black 2
  • Movies 
    • Men in Black 2
      • sponsored by RayBan sunglasses
    • James Bond
      • drives an Aston Martin or BMW ;
      • wears a Rolex watch
      • gets his suits from Brioni.
    • Back to the Future
      • uses the DeLorean automobile throughout the entire movie.

or high profile TV shows including

Apple Laptop in "24 Hours"
  • Soaps such as:
    • 24
      • Apple Laptop
      • Ford sponsors the show and the main character, Jack Bauer, drives a Ford Expedition.
    • Coronation Street
    • Eastenders.


  • Sports such as
    • Golf
    • Football
    • Horse Racing
    • Grand Prix Motor Racing
    • Athletics

.... to name but a few.

Advantages of QPlacement Product Placement:

  • Implied endorsement: the product gains credibility from the show, movie or event;
  • Worldwide Coverage: the only advertising medium that offers true worldwide coverage;
  • New Markets in Asia, Africa and the former Eastern Block: The demand for music, TV and movies is increasing dramatically leading to new Product Placement opportunities;
  • Most Cost Effective: given the prolonged product viewing time;
  • Most markets will take the film, TV programme or event to DVD or Video, offering further opportunity for Product Placement.

Potential customers identify with the brands, and continual exposure of the products to the viewers over a prolonged period results in increased awareness and sales.

This differs from a TV advertisement where the viewer can skip the adverts by muting the TV, leaving the room during the adverts, fast-forwarding the Video Player or using TIVO technology to skip the ad-breaks altogether.

UsingProduct Placement the product is embedded in the show, film or event.

Jana Bennett, Head of Television at the BBC, commented that viewers expect realism in modern drama and entertainment, a realism that can only be achieved by filming in familiar locations using authentic backdrops, for example the making of a television programme or film could be partly filmed in a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, giving both realism and an opportunity for Product Placement.

Figures recently published in The Times (December 14th, 2005) show that expected revenue from a prime time soap opera such as Coronation Street could be as follows

  1. Sponsored beer pump: 30 second exposure per episode worth £1,000,000 per year;
  2. Glass replaced by branded alcopop, sold regularly £500,000 per year;
  3. Snack advert on wall - e.g. KP nuts - £250,000 per year;
  4. Designer jacket, endorsed by character, one-off payment  £100,000 per year.

Product Placement does not interrupt the programme or articles, therefore making it less obtrusive than other forms of advertising

The vast reach of Product Placement can be attributed to the ever expanding global distribution channels for feature films and top rated shows

QVision, one the worlds largest outdoor media companies, increase our clients market share through our knowledge, understanding and experience in adverting worldwide.

Product Placement offers a completely different opportunity to our clients.

QPlacement ..... Product Placement with a difference!

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